Whether you’re new to LibraryAware or have been using it for a while, you are probably already aware (see what I did there?) that there’s *a lot* you can do within the platform. From emails to flyers, social media posts to book carousels, there are tons of ways you can create and distribute polished and engaging materials for all your stakeholders. We know promoting your library, program, collection, services, and more can leave you with limited time and capacity to try ALL THE THINGS, so we’re here to help. Here are some tips, strategies, and resources to make sure you are getting the most out of your LibraryAware subscription. 

Make it easy to create 

  • Check staff access. Are you the only one who will be creating in LibraryAware, or are there others at your library that will be joining you? Can everyone sign into your library’s account? Do they know about LibraryAware? Access is an important step that sometimes gets overlooked in the excitement of starting something new. Remember, you can have as many users you want and need in LibraryAware (bonus: you can set access levels), so get to inviting! 
  • Create your custom branding. Before you get going with making a snappy design, also take a few minutes to create your branding sets; experienced LibraryAware users should periodically take a look at your sets to make sure they’re current. Once created, you can simply pop in whichever branding set is appropriate to your design. This saves you time and heartache (is this the right logo or is this the right one?). Make as many branding sets as you need to cover all the departments, groups, and initiatives in your library. Learn more here. 
  • Upload official library images. Remember that breathtaking picture that someone took of the library’s exterior? Where is it? Maybe on someone’s desktop or a long-lost thumb drive? You can make LibraryAware the clearinghouse for all the approved images, templates, logos, and more. While you’re setting up your account, also consider uploading images that you know you and other creators will need to access again and again. 
  • Add folders. Whether your library has one location or many, if you’re planning to create a lot of items in LibraryAware (and we hope you do!), you will want to plan ahead to keep your account easy to search and maintain. Check out our strategy guide for naming and organizing folders. 

Check your connections 

  • Link to your catalog. LibraryAware can automatically link any titles featured in custom and NextReads newsletters to your catalog. Follow this guide or email libraryaware@ebsco.com for assistance with coding the links. 
  • Link to your social accounts. It’s easy to post what you’ve created to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but you will first need to authorize your various social media accounts in LibraryAware. This brief tutorial will show you how! 
  • Enable Baker & Taylor carts for NextReads. With hundreds of titles recommended by NoveList experts, the NextReads Advance Lists also provide excellent opportunities for collection development. Did you know that if you use Baker & Taylor, you can enable a B&T Cart within NextReads to quickly stash those titles you want to add to your collection? Review this guide for setting up your account for information on how to enable your cart. 

Try a template 

  • Find inspiration on the main page. Are you so busy that you’re not sure what day of the week it is? Running low on energy and inspiration for a display on read-alikes for a popular new show? Look no further than the front page of LibraryAware. Find newly released templates at the top of the page, check out the regularly updated “LibraryAware Staff Picks” for more timely options, or (my personal favorite) head to the “Trending Now” section to see what users across LibraryAware are creating. This is a perfect place to go to see templates that other users are going crazy over, as well as to make sure you haven’t missed an upcoming holiday or celebration!  
  • Use a LibraryAware kit to promote NoveList, Flipster, LearningExpress, ebooks, and more! We know it can be tough to let your patrons know about all the amazing resources and services you offer. That’s why we created promotional kits for NoveList Plus, LearningExpress, Flipster, and more in LibraryAware. Kits include a variety of templates such as flyers, digital signage, and e-blasts, all focused on promoting your resources. For more ideas, check out I Didn’t Know the Library Had That: A Guide to Increasing Usage of Library Resources

Focus on newsletters 

  • Set up NextReads and promote on your website and social channels. NextReads newsletters are included in your LibraryAware subscription and make it easy for you to offer your patrons curated reading recommendations delivered straight to their inboxes. Issues are written by the award-winning book experts at NoveList and arrive finished and ready to go out to your patrons. You don’t have to do anything (unless you want to!). Email us at libraryaware@ebsco.com to enable NextReads. Check out this tutorial about getting started with the newsletters, including suggestions for how to promote them on your website and social channels. 
  • Create NextReads book carousels for your website. Need some engaging and ever-changing content for your website? Wish you could easily highlight the weekly New York Times Bestsellers or add a few book jackets to your Readers’ Corner pages? LibaryAware has you covered! You can tie the content from any (and all) of the 20+ NextReads newsletters to book carousels on your website. Choose from several carousel templates, select which newsletter to use, and simply add the code provided to your website. Even better, the titles will automatically refresh when a new issue is published. Make a carousel today
  • Start internal newsletters for staff, volunteers, friends’ group, and board. Both the outside and library worlds continue to experience continuous updates and changes to protocol. Email newsletters are an effective way to make connections with your staff, volunteers, and more. Search internal in LibraryAware to find a selection of email templates that will be sure to keep your library’s staff and stakeholders up to date and invested. 
  • Grow your newsletter subscribers. Are you ready to take your newsletter to the next level? We have gathered some tips and tricks for creating the best newsletter and growing your subscriber list in the Library Newsletters: Best Practices Guide

Get a refresh with training and tips 

  • Watch LibraryAware tutorials. Our LibraryAware YouTube channel is full of quick, informative videos on all kinds of topics, including the “Getting started with LibraryAware” journey that guides new and returning users through the many features and functionalities.  
  • Attend a live training session. We now offer live online training sessions for LibraryAware users on the third Wednesday of each month. Learn how to save time, find ready-to-print book flyers, promote an event, create easy e-blasts and newsletters, and a whole lot more! Perfect for beginners or current users looking for an overview. Register here
  • Sign up for the newsletter. Our monthly newsletter, LibraryAware News, features news and platform updates, as well as inspiration from other LibraryAware users, helpful tips, and fresh ideas for communicating with your readers and community. Sign up here


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Jen Heuer Scott is a Marketing Specialist at NoveList. She is currently reading The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones.