Does your library subscribe to NoveList products? Do you feel confident when you use them? Are you a new user and don’t know where to start? We can help!

Having the tools you need to provide quality library service is just the first step. Using NoveList products fully helps library staff save time and makes their jobs easier while providing patrons with standout collections and readers’ advisory services. Beginning this month, we are offering live online training sessions for NoveList Plus, Core Collections, NoveList Select, and LibraryAware. These live sessions join our suite of support product learning options of how-to documents, user guides, and video tutorials. Whether you are new to the products or are just looking for a refresher, these sessions are for you.

If you’re looking to make the most of your NoveList product subscriptions, be sure to check out the calendar of live courses and register for a session or watch a recording.

NoveList Plus
1st Thursday of each month, beginning August 4, 2022
NoveList Plus helps you connect readers with the books they’ll love. Join us for this 1-hour overview of the key features and resources, such as story elements, recommended lists, and genre guides, and learn basic and advanced search strategies to help you become a readers’ advisory superstar. Register here

Novelist Select
4th Tuesday of every third month, beginning August 23, 2022
NoveList Select helps your readers find their next favorite book and helps you learn more about what your community is reading. Join us for this 30-minute overview of the reader-focused book discovery features in your catalog and learn how to use the Analytics Dashboard to inform your collection development and promotion strategies. Register here.

Core Collections
4th Tuesday of every third month, beginning July 26, 2022
Core Collections helps you build and maintain your collection with confidence. Join us for this 45-minute overview of key features and learn search strategies you can use to help you make informed decisions on which books your library should buy, retain, or weed. Register here.

Getting Started with Print & Social Media in LibraryAware
2nd Thursday of each month, beginning August 11, 2022
Looking for designs to print or post to social media? LibraryAware has just what you need! Join us for this 1-hour training and learn how to create, edit, save, share – and even post directly to Facebook and Twitter through LibraryAware. Register here.

Getting Started with E-Blasts in LibraryAware
3rd Thursday of each month, beginning August 18, 2022
Email marketing is a great way to drive patron engagement at your library. Join us for this 1-hour training for an overview of finding the perfect templates for email. Learn how to create and edit an e-blast, increase your subscribers, and segment your audience for the best results. Register here

Getting Started with NextReads Newsletters in LibraryAware
4th Wednesday of every other month, beginning August 24, 2022
Did you know your library has access to an award-winning reading recommendation service? NextReads newsletters automatically delivers curated reading recommendations directly to patron inboxes and it’s part of your LibraryAware subscription. Join us for this 1-hour training to learn how to get started with NextReads newsletters, increase your subscribers, use the Advance List, and create newsletter widgets for your website. Register here

Caleigh Haworth is an Engagement Consultant at NoveList.