The NoveList product team speaks to people working with readers in libraries every week. One of the things we hear is that you’re thrilled when you can get a reader excited about using our database for reading recommendations.

But you’ve also said that you wish it were easier for your readers to find NoveList Plus when they’re not in the library. And some of you wish you could get to NoveList faster from your library's websites.

Good news: You and your readers can now access NoveList Plus online, anytime. We have a new tool called Find My Organization (FMO) that makes it easy to access NoveList Plus.

How the new FMO toolkit works

You (and your patrons) just enter the name of a library or your city. Or you can allow the starting page to use your location, and hit your enter key.

Your search will return a list of the libraries, schools, and other organizations in the area, including yours, that have active NoveList Plus subscriptions.

You or your patrons click on the organization name, and you’ll be directed to their login experience for NoveList Plus.

A special note for libraries: It’s very important to make sure that your organization’s preferred authentication (i.e. login) order is set up to your liking in EBSCOAdmin. You can learn more about the authentication types NoveList Plus supports, and how to set up a preferred order here. You can also get help from our outstanding Support team by emailing

The easiest place to find the new FMO tool is on the NoveList website homepage. There’s a purple banner at the top that invites visitors to log into NoveList Plus for reading suggestions. Just click on the button, and you’ll be taken to the starting FMO page.

You can also bookmark this URL so your staff and patrons can use FMO anytime. 

Providing great reading recommendations is a core part of your mission and we know that you want a solid return on your investment in resources like NoveList Plus. The new FMO tool can help you with both of those goals by making NoveList Plus more accessible to your customers and co-workers.

Check out the FMO pages for NoveList Plus and let us know if you have feedback or questions by emailing

Jenny Schafer is the Manager of Product Management at NoveList, and she is currently reading Legendborn by Tracy Deonn.