Creating eye-catching promotional materials in LibraryAware is about to become even easier. The new drag and drop editor for print materials is rolling out to all LibraryAware customers at the end of October.

Unbox yourself

If you’ve ever felt boxed in by the types of designs you could make in LibraryAware, you’re going to love the freedom offered by the new editor for print materials with layers. Drag and drop text, images, book jackets, and shapes just where you want them, rotate and resize, and add unlimited layers to your designs.


If there is a particular template you frequently use, never fear. Existing templates for print materials with layers have been replicated and moved into the new editor.

Undo the “whoops!”

It happens -- your finger slipped and clicked or that design idea was simply better in your head. Now, erasing all those “whoops!” moments is as simple as clicking the undo button.


Unleash your creativity

As we’ve been previewing and demoing the new print editor, we’re hearing the same things from users:

“It takes the limits off of what a user can do in LibraryAware.”

“I feel like I have so much more creative freedom with the new drag and drop editor!”

We can’t wait for you to experience the intuitive new print editor for yourself and see the amazing designs you create. And as you’ve come to expect, we will continue to add new and exciting designs throughout the year that you can keep as-is or make entirely your own.

Do you have questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact us or view help documentation for the drag and drop editor. We’ve also set up a series of training sessions to help you make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the great new features of LibraryAware.

Cassi Hall is the Communications Specialist at NoveList.