In a contemporary climate of ad bombardment via too many social media and digital platforms to count, it can be a struggle for library marketers to cut through all the noise. But the solution is actually simple: If you want to communicate a message to your customers, just shoot them an email.

Leah will discuss the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s special brand of e-newsletter communication, how it reaches thousands of customers, drives waves of website visitors and attracts the attention of the press, all in one fell swoop, and on practically no budget.

Learn how to compose impossible-to-resist subject lines, what kind of content makes for fun email communication and how to give your customers yet another valuable, enriching interaction with their library through the simple magic of an email in the inbox.

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The Panelists

Leah Sewell is the Communications Editor for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, which basically means she’s an observer, collector and creator of library stories. She’s a veteran publisher and magazine editor who has brought her passion for all things literary and writerly to library marketing. Leah has an MFA in writing from the University of Nebraska, is a published poet and author, a graphic designer, and has a very healthy obsession with books, podcasts, art and from-scratch cooking. She lives in Topeka, Kansas with her two wily kids and a similarly unruly to-read pile. You can follow her writing and musings at

Nancy Dowd is co-author of ALA’ s best-selling book, Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for Overworked Librarians. She is currently on the Senior Management Team at NoveList and is responsible for the development of their newest product, LibraryAware designed to help librarians communicate effectively to promote their reader services, databases, collections, and programs.

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