Whether you are open for business or closed due to COVID restrictions, you have online resources that can help your community, at home or in the library. Make sure your community hears from you about all the great resources you offer. To help we’ve listed five ways to get the word out about your online resources. 

1. Have a library newsletter? Include a section to let subscribers know what resources you have available to them. In Washoe County Library’s News and Events newsletter, they let subscribers know that they have access to digital magazines. 

2. Send an email to your contacts and let them know about your library’s online resources like Mercer County Library (NJ) did. After sending this email to cardholders about Flipster, usage increased 260%. 

3. Promote your resources on social media. Seminole Community Library (FL) got the word out about NoveList Plus through their Facebook account and Seattle Public Library used Twitter to promote NoveList Plus. You can find templates for promoting NoveList on our website.

LibraryAware subscribers can search by resource name for our ready-to-go templates or search “database” for a more general template. Our widget formats make it easy to post to social media – like this great post from Franklin Square Public Library (NY) promoting their tutoring service for homework help.

4. Create bookmarks or flyers promoting online resources and stuff them in curbside pick-up bags and items on hold. These examples promoting entrepreneur resources are available in LibraryAware. 

libraryaware eli image

5. Create a widget for your website that links directly to your resources. In LibraryAware search “online resources” or “databases” to find templates you can customize and share to your website. 

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Lori Reed, pronouns she/hers, is a Marketing Specialist at NoveList. She is currently reading Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Naogski and Amelia Nagoski.