Graphic novels (including manga) are an engaging literature format that offers existing readers a whole new world of exciting stories to explore. However, the wide variety of topics, illustration styles, and genres that seasoned fans love can feel overwhelming to some readers (and librarians!). Based on the response we received to our Crash Course in Graphic Novels webinar, NoveList has created several brand-new resources to boost your readers' advisory confidence in graphic novels. Missed the webinar? Don't worry; it's archived — and a great starting point!  

Whether you already know your stuff or are just stepping into the world of graphic novels, our book lists and short articles will bring you up to speed in no time. Plus, our fantastic metadata makes finding the books you need easier than ever. You may have a lot of readers' advisory challenges, but with these resources, graphic novels don't have to be one.   

Need help with the basics?   

We've created genre outlines about graphic novels for teens (All About Graphic Novels for Teens, search UI 445407 or TI "All About Graphic Novels for Teens"), and adults (Getting Up to Speed in Graphic Novels, search UI 451938 or TI "Getting Up to Speed in Adult Graphic Novels") to help provide you with the critical information you need. They include common themes, why readers like graphic novels, key authors and titles to know, and even fun searches to try.  

To browse all of our genre outlines, search DE "Genre outlines" AND ND "Readers' Advisory"  

Are you struggling to help younger and teen readers who love manga?  

Along with our graphic novel genre outlines, we've got All About Manga for Older Kids (search UI 452266 or TI "All About Manga for Older Kids") and All About Manga for Teens (search UI 451997 or TI "All About Manga for Teens") so you can better connect with what your younger readers want.

And to help you learn terms related to manga, check out our Manga Glossary (search UI 452306 or TI "Manga Glossary: Common Terms").   

When you're at the desk and need a fast way to find titles that meet your reader's needs, where can you find help?  

Our recommended reads lists are the perfect option when you need a quick list of curated reads. From everything Science Fiction Graphic Novels for older kids, Realistic Graphic Novels for teens to Alternative Comics for adults — there's a list for all types of readers.   

We hope our new batch of graphic novels content gives you all the information you need to feel like you can find the next read for your readers. 

Are you new to NoveList Plus?

Yaika Sabat is a Senior Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList. She is currently reading Haunted by Leo Braudy and The Duke & I by Julia Quinn.