A library’s calendar is always full, and June is no exception!  

The end of school and the start of summer reading means many libraries are kicking into high gear. NoveList is here to help during this busy season!  

NoveList products work better together, and you’ll find many ways throughout the month (and year) to use all our services as you promote your collections and events, provide readers’ advisory to patrons, and sharpen your own skills. 

Check out the attached NoveList Idea Calendar to find tips, search suggestions, a free printable, and more to help you save time and connect readers to their next great read. The best part? You can use these ideas any time of the year! For example, June is LGBTQIA Pride Month as well as Audiobook Month, but LGBTQIA voices should be included in any promotion you do, and audiobook fans will appreciate audiobooks being included in displays or seeing book lists that highlight different formats. Fun fact, National Gardening Week is this month, but April is National Garden Month, and May 19 is World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day, so keep these tips handy all year. 

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Download here

Below are some suggestions for when to use each of our products: 

  • LibraryAware: Search LibraryAware anytime you need professionally designed flyers, widgets, RA materials, email designs, or other templates that can be used as is, or customized to fit your needs. 
  • NoveList Plus: Search by author, title, or keyword in NoveList Plus to find great titles and read-alikes on the topics you’ll be talking about all year long.
    • Recommended Reads lists: For Fans of, best of, favorites — we have hundreds of curated reading lists that make it easy to quickly find great books to read and recommend (or to use as fodder for displays, or for titles to promote on social, or to turn into book bundles, or to use in some fabulous way we haven’t thought of yet). Search the name of the Recommended Reads list and then click on the Lists & Articles tab. Or browse the Recommended Reads Lists on the left of the NoveList Plus home screen. 
    • Themes: Need ideas for displays, book club selections, or storytime inspiration? 12 out of 12 months we’ll have a theme for that! Themes help you find the plots readers love. Simply type TH followed by any theme into the NoveList Plus search box or go to Browse By in the top menu and select Themes to get started. 
  • Core Collections: When you need to support community or programming needs or add more depth and breadth to one area of a collection, the Core Collections’ levels of recommendations can make sure you have the essential and recommended titles, while also allowing you to quickly check supplemental titles. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Core Collections will help you weed, build, and maintain your collection.
  • Learn with NoveList: If you’re looking for professional development to learn more about reaching readers, promoting your library, or navigating genres – we've got an expert for that with both live and self-paced training options. 
  • Linked Library Service: With Linked Library Service you can make great widgets for your library website, or to share with community partners, using NoveList’s data and lists. Perfect for all seasons! 

Our June 2022 Idea Calendar is full of holidays, celebrations, and seasonal suggestions, and this is just the beginning! These tips are by no means an exhaustive list of everything we have on these topics or for the month of June, but we hope they give you some inspiration to get started. 

Have a great month! 

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NoveList services work better together. Learn how NoveList Plus, LibraryAware, and NoveList Select can help your library connect to your readers no matter where your readers are looking for inspiration. 

Lauren Campbell is a NoveList Consultant. She is currently reading Blue-Skinned Gods by SJ Sindu.