As in many areas of their lives, most library users are savvy consumers of technology. They’re increasingly familiar with e-commerce sites like Amazon and media platforms like Netflix or Hulu — sites that deliver recommendations seamlessly within the user experience. People bring those expectations with them to the library’s web ecosystem, and they look for that type of experience within the library catalog.  

You can prioritize your patrons’ experience and meet those expectations with NoveList Select, the premier catalog enrichment service for libraries. 

Virtual readers' advisory, done right 

NoveList Select is a virtual readers' advisory (RA) experience. It brings an element of discovery and adventure to the catalog experience, fulfilling users’ expectations for suggested titles and other content. Select filters recommendations available within your collection, suggesting titles that are available for checkout right away. That’s good for you and your patron! The NoveList Select user interface is also built to be mobile and browser responsive. Best of all, NoveList Select is available 24/7, making it an invaluable service whenever readers find their way to your catalog.  

Quality you can count on 

NoveList Select works like magic because of NoveList’s unique approach to describing and recommending books. Unlike recommendations on popular e-commerce sites, which rely heavily on related purchase behavior, we focus on the actual experience of reading (and listening). We call the terms we use story elements, and they are our unique language of books. We use this language to describe titles in a way that allows you to help your patrons find their next read, using the same language your readers use! 

Constantly curated information 

We work hard to ensure that the information you see in NoveList Select remains fresh and up to date. Whether adding breaking awards information to publishing editorial content from RA experts, our content team works every day to present users with the best possible recommendations and content within the catalog. For example, empowered with Select, series readers will never need to wonder what the proper reading order is for a series. They can quickly see if they’ve completed a run or if the latest volume is available at your library. And as new titles are added to your collection, users will see new recommendations.  

Focus on the patron experience

Add NoveList Select to your library’s catalog and provide your community with an always open, high-quality readers’ advisory destination.

Sam Stover is a Senior Product Manager at NoveList. He is currently reading The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin.