Crime fiction, mysteries, and thrillers are consistently popular. The last time we covered these genres was in 2019 — which is a long time in book years! So, it’s time for a refresh of these in-demand genres.  

Readers who enjoy crime, mysteries, and thrillers are well-read and inquisitive, so we’ve got new and updated genre information and titles to satisfy your bookhound’s #TBR. Whether your readers are fans of police procedurals or psychological suspense, let NoveList and LibraryReads break down the best that crime fiction, mysteries, and thrillers have to offer your readers — from the butler did it to missing memories.  

Join Michael Santangelo, Deputy Director of Collection Management at BookOps s they cover: 

  • Popular subgenres, appeals, and themes 

  • Current trends and authors to watch 

  • How to help readers of crime, mysteries, and thrillers 

  • Other helpful resources for these genres 


This webinar is available now available with additional bonus content on Learn with NoveList. 

Meet the panelists: 

Michael Santangelo is the Deputy Director of Collection Management at BookOps, the technical services collaboration for the New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library. Since starting as a children's material selector in 2005 at Brooklyn, he has had various positions with collection development and technical services. Currently, he serves on the LibraryReads’ Board of Directors. 

Moderator Yaika Sabat comes from a background in public libraries and now manages the Reader Services team at NoveList. While she is a horror fan first, she does her best to read across genres and is passionate about diverse representation in books and media. 

Leigh Gaddy is the Lead/Demand Generation Marketing Specialist at NoveList. She is currently reading Bluecrowne by Kate Milford.