Cheryl Purser of NoveList

Cheryl Purser

Help Desk and Product Operations Coordinator

Cheryl makes sure that NoveList is updated with all the content we’ve been working on every week. She oversees our office technology to make sure we’re running smoothly and fixes any related issues as they come up, which makes her very popular around here.

Cheryl is also a self-professed Potterhead with the tattoo to prove it. She looks for world-building and well-drawn characters in her novel reading and particularly enjoys books with vampires, werewolves, Yeti scientists, and steampunk blimps piloted by psionic clones of Amelia Earhart. (And one day, she will find a book that has all of these at the same time!) Cheryl has two dogs and two cats and is available to trade animal stories between updating our builds.