NoveList Staff

Danielle Borasky of NoveList
Danielle Borasky
Vice President
Victoria Caplinger Fredrick of NoveList
Victoria Caplinger Fredrick
Director, Book Discovery
Brad Cox of NoveList
Bradley Cox
Manager, Technical Support
Jennifer Lohmann of NoveList
Jennifer Lohmann
Director, Sales and Marketing
Kathy Lussier of NoveList
Kathy Lussier
Manager, Engagement and Services
Kevin Moreno of NoveList
Kevin Moreno
VP, Agile Development
Jenny Schafer of NoveList
Jenny Schafer
Manager, Product Management
Azmain Amin of NoveList
Azmain Amin
Software Engineer
Brierley Ash of NoveList
Brierley Ash
Metadata Librarian
Eric Bechtle of NoveList
Eric Bechtle
Software Engineer
Clay Boyer of NoveList
Clay Boyer
Metadata Librarian
Qualyn Brown of NoveList
Qualyn Brown
Technical Support Representative
Kimberly Burton of NoveList
Kimberly Burton
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Lisa Chandek Stark of NoveList
Lisa Chandek-Stark
Metadata Librarian II
Elizabeth Coleman of NoveList
Elizabeth Coleman
Metadata Librarian II
Kaitlin Conner of NoveList
Kaitlin Conner
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Steven Cooper of NoveList
Steven Cooper
Technical Support Representative
Lindsey Dunn of NoveList
Lindsey Dunn
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Terry Edwards of NoveList
Terry Edwards
Technical Support Representative
Halle Eisenman of NoveList
Halle Eisenman
Content Development Manager
Shauna Griffin of NoveList
Shauna Griffin
Content Strategy Manager
Monica Hoh of NoveList
Monica Hoh
Metadata Librarian I
Rebecca Honeycutt of NoveList
Rebecca Honeycutt
Readers' Advisor Librarian
Angela Hursh of NoveList
Angela Hursh
Senior Engagement Consultant
Alex Jackson of NoveList
Alex Jackson
Agile Development Manager
Cathleen Keyser of NoveList
Cathleen Keyser
Metadata Strategy Manager
Jamie Langer of NoveList
Jamie Langer
Metadata Librarian I
Tyler Lynch of NoveList
Tyler Lynch
Software Engineer
Ashley Lyons of NoveList
Ashley Lyons
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Francis Marois of NoveList
Francis Marois
Software Engineer
David McKee of NoveList
David McKee
DevOps Engineer
Colleen Mead of NoveList
Colleen Mead
Technical Support Representative
Mihaela Mitran
Agile Product Owner
Kathleen Moore of NoveList
Kathleen Moore
Agile Product Owner
Dwayne Nance of NoveList
Dwayne Nance
Senior Software Engineer II
Cheryl Purser of NoveList
Cheryl Purser
Help Desk and Product Operations Coordinator
Lori Reed of NoveList
Lori Reed
Marketing Specialist
Amie Reno of NoveList
Amie Reno
Metadata and Database Design Librarian
Nate Rohweder of NoveList
Nate Rohweder
Software Engineer II
Yaika Sabat of NoveList
Yaika Sabat
Senior Readers' Advisory Librarian
Lisa Schimmer of NoveList
Lisa Schimmer
Senior Collection Development Librarian
Jen Heuer Scott of NoveList
Jen Heuer Scott
NoveList Consultant
Neha Singh
Software Engineer II
Brandt Solovij of NoveList
Brandt Solovij
Senior Software Engineer I
Gillian Speace
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Kendal Spires of NoveList
Kendal Spires
Collection Development Librarian
Kathy Stewart of NoveList
Kathy Stewart
NoveList Consultant
Sam Stover of NoveList
Sam Stover
Product Manager
Suzanne Temple of NoveList
Suzanne Temple
Metadata Librarian II
Dawn Towery of NoveList
Dawn Towery
Readers' Advisory Librarian
Denise Turner of NoveList
Denise Turner
Senior Graphic Designer
Christine Wells of NoveList
Christine Wells
Metadata Manager
Leah White
Graphic Designer
Toni Wiley of NoveList
Toni Wiley
Office Administrator
Autumn Winters of NoveList
Autumn Winters
Recommendations Lead
Amanda Winseck of NoveList
Amanda Winseck
Director of Field Sales
Molly Wyand of NoveList
Molly Wyand
Communications Specialist
Renee Young of NoveList
Renee Young
Metadata Librarian III