Shauna Griffin of NoveList

Shauna Griffin

Content Strategy Manager

Shauna leads the teams behind LibraryAware’s NextReads newsletters and the NoveList Core Collections, which means she gets to keep one foot in readers’ advisory, and one in collection development. Truly, the best of both worlds!

In her time away from NoveList, Shauna volunteers with her running club and fosters dogs through a local organization, and though she enjoys a wide variety of books, she’ll never turn down a suggestion that involves crumbling old homes and spooky family secrets. Her book club ensures that she reads at least one book a month that she wouldn’t ordinarily seek out, which has helped her to realize that while she’ll never truly love most historical fiction, she does have a fondness for grumpy old Scandinavian men and the true tales of underdog triumphs.

Shauna's recommended reads: