Core Collection en Español

Your expert guide to building and maintaining a Spanish-language collection.

Core Collection en Español provides impartial collection development guidance, assisting libraries faced with the challenges of growing and establishing a collection for their Spanish-language readers.

Spanish-language titles are recommended for all ages and reading levels and are given one of three recommendation levels, allowing libraries to determine which materials to select based on their community’s needs.

Core Collection en Español coverage includes:

  • Original Spanish-language books
  • Translations into Spanish
  • Bilingual materials
  • Support for ELLs

Our advisors make authoritative recommendations that are both vendor and publisher-neutral. Recommendations are based on the extensive collection development expertise of our advisors, a variety of review sources, and awards, and careful consideration of the needs of Spanish-speaking communities.

Core Collection en Español is part of our full suite of Core Collections products.


Core Collection en Español Honored by Modern Library Awards

Customers praise this product for its impartial collection development guidance to establish and grow a collection for their Spanish-language readers. 

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