Linked Library Enrichment

Drive traffic to your catalog and help your library attract new users.

Linked Library Service + Linked Library Enrichment

Many of our customers use EBSCO’s Linked Library Service, which transforms your existing data into linked data formats and publishes it to the network. That makes it easier for search engines like Google to find and show your library’s resources in search results.  

If you’re already a customer of Linked Library Service, we have a way to make it even better! 

You can choose to further enrich your library’s linked data with Linked Library Enrichment powered by NoveList. This enrichment uses NoveList’s award information, series information, appeal factors, and other reader metadata — all of it linking directly to your library catalog. The end result is that your library is more visible on the open web.  

With linked data, libraries now have the power to reach readers, patrons, and potential patrons in ways they never could before.

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