Our technology supports the research needs of thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide. With hundreds of employees dedicated to technology and development, we’re committed to providing the best solutions and service for libraries.

Our Technology Principles

  • Interoperable

    Through web services and APIs, our products integrate with many proprietary and open source solutions, including all major integrated library systems, so your staff and users get a seamless experience.

  • Customizable

    Extensive customization options give you choice and flexibility in your library experience. Control branding and linking with EBSCOadmin, enhance your EBSCO platforms with apps and more.

  • Mobile

    We support researchers wherever they go. Our interfaces are optimized for all screen sizes and devices, and our mobile apps make on-the-go access even easier.

  • Cloud-Based

    With hundreds of EBSCO data centers, Amazon cloud, and thousands of virtual machines, our cloud-based environment is reliable, secure and designed to support customers around the world.   

  • Accessible

    We’re committed to providing positive experiences for all users. Accessibility is a key consideration in all our product development strategies. Learn more about accessibility at EBSCO.

  • Secure

    Information security and privacy are top priorities. In addition to providing redundancy and failover, we follow industry best practices and proactively identify security risks and opportunities.

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User research at EBSCO

Understanding user needs, habits and pain points is essential for designing intuitive library interfaces. EBSCO’s User Research team employs a variety of testing methods, and we incorporate user feedback into every phase of product development.

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Committed to open source for innovation

Don’t get locked into closed systems. EBSCO supports open source because it’s flexible, extensible and gives libraries more choices in how to manage their resources. Open source software reflects the goals of the library community — not just one vendor.

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Technical questions? We’re here to help.

Our outstanding team of library services engineers and technology experts are ready to help with your technical questions. Or you can self serve with on-demand product tutorials, user guides and more.

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