Open Access

Open access is only impactful if it is trustworthy and can be found. That’s why we focus on content curation, our search and linking technology, and the user experience on our platforms.

Provide access to the best scholarly content

By indexing open access journals in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and EBSCOhost, researchers get access to essential peer-reviewed research. We index open access databases including content from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), support Unpaywall, provide the EBSCO eBook Open Access Monograph Collection, ensure access to Open Educational Resources, and provide access to open dissertations. Our customers also enjoy access to freely available databases including GreenFILE, HathiTrust, SeLaDoc, LISTA and others.

Trustworthy information

We offer the most comprehensive coverage of content from many regions, in an array of languages, across a multitude of subject areas. We apply strict curation processes so you can rest assured that your users are accessing diverse and trustworthy content. EBSCO references top citation indexes, such as Web of Science and Scopus, and subject indexes, such as APA PsycInfo and SciFinder, to determine relevance and quality. Our subject matter experts regularly monitor predatory publisher lists and industry information to ensure omission.

Equitable search and content innovation

We apply our search technology to surface the most relevant and meaningful results for any query for any user. We continuously expand our knowledge graph, mapping subjects and synonyms to different vocabularies, so your users can explore topics across resources and disciplines.

A versatile user experience

We optimize our platforms for how your users access, search, choose and use information. Taking an accessibility-first approach, our platform UI delivers a personalized experience for any user. And through open integrations, we can meet your users wherever they start their research.

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