Providing Choice, Removing Barriers

Open lies at the heart of what’s next for libraries: providing access to trustworthy information, contributing to the future of library software, and provisioning the best services for users. Open is about choice, not barriers.


Open Access

We are committed to quality open access research and providing the best scholarly content available.

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Open Infrastructure

Our focus on integrations and interoperability means libraries have a choice of applications and can meet their users where they are.

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Open Source

EBSCO supports FOLIO, the open source library services platform (LSP), that is being developed for and by librarians and is built for innovation.

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Open Community

Partake in a community of peers and discuss all things open — open access, open science, open infrastructure and open source.

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EBSCO is Open for Research

Today, maybe more than ever before, choice matters. By ensuring access to diverse and trustworthy information for any user, supporting interoperability of applications, and supporting open source, EBSCO is committed to choice. In this video, EBSCO’s Tamir Borensztajn discusses how the company’s focus on open delivers more choice to libraries and better services for users.