Can one size ever fit all? It can when you use the newest LibraryAware campaign guide.  

Each of our six topic-specific campaign guides gives you a step-by-step plan and suggested templates to help ensure your promotion gets noticed. What if you want to promote a service or solution that isn’t covered by one of our campaign guides? Just DIY it with our new Comprehensive Promotional Campaign Guide.

campaign guide image

This new all-purpose guide is based on our existing campaign guides but works for any event or service you want to promote. So, whether you’re promoting a movie streaming service or a community-wide reading event, you now have a guide for that! And like our other guides, the Comprehensive Promotional Campaign Guide includes eight tactics plus the how-to you need to maximize results for any size library. We even suggest a variety of templates that are best to use for each step. To find this new DIY guide and our topic-specific guides, search “campaign guide” in LibraryAware. Take a deeper dive into using the guides for your next promotion by watching our recorded microtrainings.  

Want to learn how to create a marketing strategy customized to your library using proven practices that get measurable results?  You can hire a NoveList expert to lead interactive remote staff training that goes beyond simple webinars. You and your staff will leave with a plan to increase circulation, promote events and services, as well as create brand awareness and library loyalty through goal-based, measurable library promotions. See our course offerings and request a free consultation to talk about your library’s professional development needs, budget, and timing.  

Build staff confidence and skills with Learn with NoveList. 

Kathy Lussier is the Manager of Engagement and Services. She is reading Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art by Madeleine L’Engle.