If you’re reading this, you probably know how great NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus are. Maybe you use them for your own personal reading list, and you tell readers when they come to the reference desk or call for readers’ advisory. But how do you promote NoveList to your patrons?  

Our updated NoveList Promotion Kits will help you do just that! 

We’ve had NoveList Promotion Kits available to libraries for years with flyers, bookmarks, and widgets that encourage your readers to talk about the books they love and that the NoveList databases will help them find more. We’ve had expanded kits available to our LibraryAware customers as well, including email promotions encouraging your readers to find books by their favorite genres, themes, and more. 

When it was time to give these a refresh, we thought about our own experiences with, well, everything over the past year (immediate help = good) and the feedback we’ve heard from libraries on our promotional kits (easy = good). To help both you and your readers out, we focused the new kits on the immediate satisfaction of a great read that the database homepages offer: Recommended Reads Lists, the Appeal Mixer, and the Genre Browse. With the new flyers in hand, your readers will be guided to NoveList Plus and be able to find their next great read, even if they have no idea what a “great read” might mean to them at that moment.  

Where can you find these kits? 

We’ve updated the NoveList Promotion Kits available in EBSCO Connect. The new designs are eye-catching, bright, and fun. Your patrons will be sure to click on the social post, snag a bookmark, and stop to look at the flyer. They’re going to ask you what this NoveList thing is, and you are going to be excited to tell them.  

Bonus kits! 

Our graphic designers have made bonus kits for our LibraryAware customers. These bonus kits will help you promote more of the easy and immediate book suggestions your readers can find when they sign into the databases. We’ve taken care of the design for you, but like with all LibraryAware templates, you can customize the colors, images, and copy to match the needs of your community. This personalization is important to you, so we’ve also made the NoveList Promotion Kits from EBSCO Connect available in LibraryAware for you to customize as well.  

Want more help promoting your collection? 

Professional Development by NoveList offers a range of courses designed to help your staff feel more comfortable with readers’ advisory, marketing, and collection promotion. Ask us how we can help you.  

Jennifer Lohmann is the Director of Sales and Marketing at NoveList. She's reading Brood by Jackie Polzin.