Are you looking for creative ideas to promote your readers services? We’ve collected some of our favorites here to get you started or help give you a refresh!  

Chances are you’re operating under some different circumstances due to COVID restrictions. Not to worry. We have lots of ideas for promoting online including:  

  • Share staff picks on your website and social (LibraryAware customers have access to some great graphics for this one!) 
  • Set up an online book discussion 
  • Add a book river widget to your library’s website 
  • Start (and promote!) an online storytime 

If your doors are open or you’re offering curbside service, consider: 

  • Place blook flyers in items recommending what to read next 
  • Make book bundles with a unifying theme (Check The Secret Language of Books for added inspiration) 
  • Create themed displays – think book clubs, Staff Picks, popular TV shows! 

Partner up with your community and: 

  • Find out about running a regular RA column in the local paper 
  • Provide partners with custom booklists for their sites – think cookbooks for the local farmers market or pet training at the local adoption organization.  

Download the full list of ideas here and learn some new ways to promote Reader Services online, in the library, and out and about in your community. Check out the Idea Center for even more tips and inspiration – and drop us a line with ideas of your own! 

Are you looking for even more ways to promote?

We offer a professional development course to help your staff learn to better promote your collection and resources. 

Molly Wyand is a Communications Specialist at NoveList. She is currently reading The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga.