In the next couple of months, we're introducing two brand-new NextReads newsletters for your library community. Debuting in February will be Must-Read Books, a monthly curated selection of high-interest titles across genres and age levels. Because many readers are interested in more than just one or two reading areas, we want to provide a wide variety of book recommendations in a single newsletter. Must-Reads Books is the go-to newsletter for patrons who: 

  • always want to check out hot new releases 
  • are interested in lots of different genres and topics 
  • want to know about books for adults and young readers 
  • don't want to subscribe to a whole bunch of newsletters 

It's also helpful for librarians who want to be in the know about popular books and reading trends, but don't have time to page through book review journals. Most of the titles on Must-Read Books will also appear on the appropriate genre or age level NextReads newsletters for that month.  

Kicking off in March, the Page to Screen newsletter will highlight books that have been adapted into movies and TV shows, focusing on the titles most likely to have your patrons buzzing. Publishing every other month, this newsletter can help you reach readers who: 

  • frequently use your library's movie/TV collections or services 
  • keep up with the latest in pop culture 
  • prefer to read the book before seeing the adaptation 
  • are more interested in reading related to media they already enjoy 

Page to Screen can also promote your library's backlist collection, as well as remind staff about older titles that might receive new attention. 

Our final newsletter addition isn't exactly new — it's a combination of two existing newsletters. Beginning in February 2022, Kids' Books and Tween Reads will merge to become Books for Kids and Tweens, a new monthly newsletter. (All subscribers from Kids' Books and Tween Reads will be automatically transferred, so no action is needed on their part.) While we understand that kids and tweens are two distinct groups, they're also overlapping groups, with lots of members who could go in either direction. We're shifting to Books for Kids and Tweens so that these overlapping groups can see a wider range of options and make their own decisions about which books are right for them.  

If you’re wondering what motivated these changes, the answer is simple: you! We developed these new newsletters based on feedback from customers like you, and we hope that you’ll continue sharing your feedback with us so that we can continue improving NextReads for you. Feel free to contact us, and happy reading! 

Training: Getting Started with NextReads Newsletters

Libraries that subscribe to LibraryAware also get the NextReads newsletter service. NextReads newsletters automatically deliver curated reading recommendations directly to patron inboxes with customization to your branding and community. Join us for a training! 

Rebecca Honeycutt is the Content Development Coordinator at NoveList. She is currently reading A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske.