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Elizabeth Coleman

Metadata Librarian II

Elizabeth leads our appeal team, improving our title accessibility as well as our reading recommendations. From the creepy to the upbeat, Elizabeth’s team creates the rich, detailed records that help define our product. Elizabeth is also working on revising the way we handle adaptions and retellings, as well as keeping us up to date on award lists and popular book media. Additionally, she has served on the judging committee for the Audie Awards.

Elizabeth enjoys cooking, traveling, and talking incessantly about the Plantagenets and Greek mythology. Her shelves are filled to capacity with print books, but she love e-books and audiobooks, too. That means that she’s always reading at least 3 books at a time – one print, one e-book, one audiobook. Ok, more like 4 - one non-fiction and three fiction, spread out across various formats. Elizabeth loves literary fiction, mysteries, fairy tales, history writing, travel books, and, most recently, science fiction. But when it comes to novels, she is all about the characters -- courageous young women, flawed detectives, quirky sidekicks, snarky heroines and brooding heroes, she like them all.

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