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We are passionate about working alongside libraries to create better communities of readers. 

Our Story

NoveList began with a problem many library workers face every day – that the world of books is too vast for one person's memory. The original idea back in 1994 was to create a database that would be a "secret weapon" for keeping track of all the great books out there to recommend. Today, we still offer that original secret weapon, plus so much more. Thirty years later, we remain committed to our core mission of connecting books, readers, and libraries.

Helping people fall in love with reading

Books have the power to transform lives by opening minds to new ideas, helping people see the world through new lenses, and exposing us to new ways of understanding our fellow human beings. Perhaps that’s why we at NoveList are so passionate about helping people fall in love not only with their next book but with the very act of reading. 

We believe in finding the right books for each individual. Books that go beyond the bestsellers and match the reading experience they want.

Helping libraries deliver outstanding services to their patrons

Our team of more than 60 employees is dedicated to working alongside libraries to transform lives through reading. We believe that libraries are an essential part of strong communities.

For three decades now, we have been listening to our fellow library workers, learning about their needs and the challenges they face. That input, combined with our own experience working in libraries, guides us in developing products and services that save staff time and make it easier to connect readers with books they’ll love.

Through our passion for books and libraries, NoveList has become a trusted market leader, providing readers advisory innovations, catalog enrichment, library marketing tools, professional development courses, and more.

In today's 24/7, tech-focused, often impersonal society, a strong customer experience is exactly how libraries can stand out in a crowded world. We help libraries provide high-touch, high-quality service through personalized and meaningful interactions. Bringing books and readers together is something libraries already do well. We are inspired to help them take it to the next level.

Helping create the libraries of the future

From that first twinkle of an idea through today, we‘ve been exploring innovative ideas for connecting books, readers, and libraries. So, what’s next?

We are looking at the horizon of what’s next for libraries and readers, and pondering what role we can play in helping create the libraries of the future. We’re thinking about AI and its impact on reading and research; looking at shifts in the publishing world and wondering about new book formats (virtual reality perhaps?); asking how we can help ensure the future is full of well-informed citizens who value reading and are free to read; and supporting libraries in bridging the digital divide so that everyone has access to the resources they want and need, regardless of zip code or income. And more.

These are issues that are important to libraries, so they’re important to us.

We feel sure that our products and services aren’t done growing yet. There is much more to be done, and we’d love to hear your input.  

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"Books are a secret weapon in our struggle to answer big problems. Because reading books is how we learn new information, but also, they are how we learn to become better human beings. The stories found in books can open our eyes to new ways of thinking, give us a better understanding of other people, help us become more compassionate and understanding, and inspire us to think of new ways of solving problems."

Danielle Borasky, Vice President, NoveList

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You Talk, We Listen

We take your feedback very seriously. Every page in NoveList has a feedback button at the top — use it to tell us anything. We also have a thumbs-up/ thumbs-down feature where you can let us know if you agree with our recommendations. 

We love to hear from our customers. We answer all feedback, so please include your name and the best way to contact you, along with your job title and the library you work at, with city and state. If you have questions or feedback about a specific product, please tell us the product name.

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