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We are passionate about working alongside libraries to create better communities of readers. 

Our Story

Today, NoveList supports libraries worldwide through readers' advisory innovations, catalog enrichment, library marketing tools, and more, all supporting the core mission — helping libraries help readers.


Sometimes I'm asked if I ever imagined NoveList becoming what it is today. And my answer is NO because it is so much more than I ever imagined.

— Duncan Smith, Co-Founder

NoveList began with a problem many library workers face on a daily basis, namely that the world of books is too vast for one person's memory. Founder Duncan's Smith's idea was a database that would be a "secret weapon" for keeping track of all the great books out there to recommend. Smith worked with Roger Rohweder and John Strickler to create the first version of NoveList, which sold in 1994. When EBSCO Information Services acquired NoveList from CARL in 1999, there were only five employees.

Since then, NoveList has taken its mission of empowering libraries to engage with readers to heart with services like NextReads Newsletters (launched in 2006), NoveList Select (launched in 2007), and LibraryAware (launched in 2012). These three services help libraries reach their readers where their readers are looking, whether it's in their email, in their catalog, on social, or while browsing the stacks. We've also introduced new metadata to help libraries search for books and talk with readers in language their readers are using. Our Story Elements of appeal factors, themes, and genres combine to be a robust way to talk get the conversation about that perfect book started and to use while promoting books and the library.

Today, NoveList, a division of EBSCO, has more than 50 employees dedicated to working with libraries to transform lives through reading. We're proud to be on this journey with you.

"Books are a secret weapon in our struggle to answer big problems. Because reading books is how we learn new information, but also, they are how we learn to become better human beings. The stories found in books can open our eyes to new ways of thinking, give us a better understanding of other people, help us become more compassionate and understanding, and inspire us to think of new ways of solving problems."

Danielle Borasky, Vice President, NoveList


You Talk, We Listen

We take your feedback very seriously. Every page in NoveList has a feedback button at the top — use it to tell us anything. We also have a thumbs-up/ thumbs-down feature where you can let us know if you agree with our recommendations. 

We love to hear from our customers. We answer all feedback, so please include your name and the best way to contact you, along with your job title and the library you work at, with city and state. If you have questions or feedback about a specific product, please tell us the product name.

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