novelist staff headshot victoria caplinger fredrick

Victoria Fredrick

Director, Book Discovery

Victoria is privileged to work with the talented librarians who create NoveList’s readers’ advisory content. Her team is unified by a belief in our mission of empowering libraries, connecting readers with books, and finding the best way to share book nerd culture with the rest of the world.

Victoria’s passion for literature has evolved with her career. Highlights include a high school love affair with Dostoevsky, an infatuation with Patricia Highsmith, Toni Morrison, and Ruth Rendell throughout college, a deep dive into literary fiction and nonfiction during her book award years (ALA Notable Books Council and the Carnegie Medals), all accented by the guilty but exquisite enjoyment she finds in horror and true crime. It’s been a recipe for awesomeness.

Recent hobbies include cross-stitching bookmarks, not eating sugar (ask her anything!), and working on shaving time off her 16-minute mile.

Victoria's recommended reads: