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Exclusive features

Story elements browsing 
Our reading experts have developed a signature set of story elements that dives deep into the facets of stories and characteristics. This includes facets we know matter to readers, like mood/appeal, characters, diversity, themes, genres, and more. Our interactive story elements mixer is unique to NoveList Select and uncovers titles readers may never have found before. 

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The power of choice 
It can be disappointing to get recommendations that feel generic as if they were meant for nobody in particular. At NoveList, we know that every reader is unique, and their reasons for reading are personal to them. That’s why we take the time to include explanations and the reason why we’re recommending a book, putting the power of choice in the hands of readers.  

The reason why
Our popular "reason why" language, written and signed by our book experts, helps readers decide if a book, author, or series will be right for them. No more dead-end searches — only satisfied readers.

Reader reviews 
NoveList Select is the only catalog enrichment service to include millions of Goodreads reader reviews for additional insights.  

On The Shelf  
Ever find the perfect book, only to go to check it out and find out it’s not available? End that aggravation for your readers with On The Shelf, offered at no cost. This exclusive feature displays real-time availability right in the catalog record and works with most ILSs.  

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NoveList Select and ILS Integrations

We know the world of Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) is complicated, and products change frequently. Learn about some of the major vendors and systems we work with, as well as how NoveList Select might look in your catalog.

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Get a Demo of NoveList Select

The best way to learn how NoveList Select will look in your catalog is to get a customized demo from a NoveList Consultant. We’ll walk you through all the features and answer your questions about the premier catalog enrichment service available to libraries.

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NoveList Select for Catalog: Analytics Dashboard

Use NoveList Select's Analytics Dashboard to see your NoveList Select usage data from any web-enabled device, anywhere, any time. This dashboard provides a window into how your library’s patrons are viewing and interacting with information in the catalog.

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