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NoveList Select extends the knowledge of NoveList staff right into your catalog’s book records. For nearly 30 years, libraries have trusted NoveList as their go-to source for expert book suggestions for every kind of reader. NoveList librarians are active members of the library profession and are passionate about connecting readers with books they’ll love. This unique depth of expertise and dedication makes our recommendations second to none.   

We go beyond the superficial matches you may find elsewhere.  
NoveList Select provides suggestions for books based on common subjects, genres, and NoveList’s signature appeal terms – not just titles from the current bestseller list. It’s the human touch and professional expertise that makes the difference between books in common and perfect fits. With NoveList Select, readers don’t leave your catalog empty-handed.

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NoveList Select and ILS Integrations

We know the world of Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) is complicated, and products change frequently. Learn about some of the major vendors and systems we work with, as well as how NoveList Select might look in your catalog.

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The best way to learn how NoveList Select will look in your catalog is to get a customized demo from a NoveList Consultant. We’ll walk you through all the features and answer your questions about the premier catalog enrichment service available to libraries.

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NoveList Select for Catalog: Analytics Dashboard

Use NoveList Select's Analytics Dashboard to see your NoveList Select usage data from any web-enabled device, anywhere, any time. This dashboard provides a window into how your library’s patrons are viewing and interacting with information in the catalog.

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