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Our Story Elements

Many different aspects of a book may catch your attention. At NoveList, we call these different aspects “story elements.”

Our story elements include appeal terms, themes, and genres. They make it easy for you and your readers to find the kinds of books they are interested in, using language that they understand.

Our team tags each book in NoveList Plus with appropriate story elements, making it easy to see if a book is right for you or your readers, and to search for similar books.

We include NoveList story elements in other products too. Your readers will get the book information they love in your catalog with NoveList Select for Catalog, and you’ll be able to find collection promotion materials by appeal term in LibraryAware.

“With these tools, we can provide readers’ advisory at 3:00 AM, with more robust information than any staff member could remember!”

Robin Nesbitt, Columbus Metropolitan Library

"NoveList Plus is like a huge cheat code for readers' advisory."

John Davis, Durham County Library

"NoveList Plus has taken a huge step forward in helping librarians make audiobook suggestions and find listen-alikes by including appeal language specifically designed for audiobooks..."

Neal Wyatt in Library Journal


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We offer three different ways for NoveList Plus to connect to your catalog, including On The Shelf (compatible with most ILSs) that offers real-time availability information.

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