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Our recommendations

If you get a little nervous when a reader asks for recommendations in a genre you don't personally read, you’ll love our recommendations. NoveList Plus allows your library to stand out by helping readers find books that perfectly match their reading preferences and moods.

What makes a good recommendation?
A good reading recommendation is built on trust. NoveList Plus will tell you why a book, author, or series is recommended, and if it’s one of our handwritten recommendations. This trust, in combination with an extensively tagged database of titles and unique story elements like appeal, genre, and theme, makes searching for book recommendations truly helpful.

Our process
Our experts evaluate and write recommendations, crafting them by hand. We’ve created a sophisticated algorithm that considers subjects, genres, and our signature appeal terms. Every recommendation has a human touch. 

By librarians, for librarians
NoveList Plus is created by librarians, for librarians. We have over 25 librarians on staff, plus others from around the country who contribute their expertise. Read more about our team.

You talk, we listen
We take your feedback very seriously. Every page in NoveList Plus has a feedback button at the top – use it to tell us anything. We also have a thumbs-up / thumbs-down feature where you can let us know if you agree with our recommendations. Got a read-alike you'd like to see included in the databases? Let us know.


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“With these tools, we can provide readers’ advisory at 3:00 AM, with more robust information than any staff member could remember!”

Robin Nesbitt, Columbus Metropolitan Library

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novelist plus promo slider family reading together

"NoveList Plus is like a huge cheat code for readers' advisory."

John Davis, Durham County Library

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"NoveList Plus has taken a huge step forward in helping librarians make audiobook suggestions and find listen-alikes by including appeal language specifically designed for audiobooks..."

Neal Wyatt in Library Journal

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Want NoveList Plus connected to your catalog?

We offer three different ways for NoveList Plus to connect to your catalog, including On The Shelf (compatible with most ILSs) that offers real-time availability information.

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Professional Development

Your staff is your library’s most valuable resource, and ongoing professional development keeps their skills sharp and relevant. Learn with NoveList courses teach staff to communicate your library’s unique value proposition, to showcase the library, and to create a lasting connection with your community.

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