If you already use the NoveList databases at your library, then you know how they can help your patrons find their next read and help empower your readers' advisory. Whether it's our curated Recommended Reads lists, read-alikes picked by library professionals, genre information, or appeal terms, there are a variety of tools to help you get the most out of each database.  

Did you know we can bring that help for readers directly to your catalog and let you see what your patrons are looking for? With NoveList Select, patrons can get the same expert help they find in the NoveList databases directly from your catalog, making it easier and faster for them to find their next great book.  

What do you get with NoveList Select?  

  • NoveList's Story Mixer: Patrons can combine their favorite story elements, like genre and theme, to see options that fit their mood. Are they looking for a fake relationship romance? Select can help them find it all in one place!  
  • Series information: Take the guesswork out of series order. Series titles are displayed in the correct order so readers enjoy their favorite series in the intended order. 
  • Read-alikes: With select, patrons can find read-alike books, series, and authors, right from a book's record. If they've read all their must-read author's books, this can find their next go-to.  
  • And more! Want to know what other fantastic features you'll find with Select? Head here to see all that Select has to offer, including links to catalog integrations to see it in action.  

Taking it a step further 

What if a patron wants even more personalized recommendations for their next book… and they are looking at the catalog from home or after library hours? That's where BookChat comes in! 

BookChat's there to provide on-the-spot, quality readers' advisory help from BookChat Specialists with years of readers' advisory experience. With BookChat, patrons can chat with a reader's advisory professional to help them pick their next checkouts.  

The best part? With BookChat's Select integration, you have a link in your catalog that takes your patrons directly to the login for NoveList Plus, where they'll find the chat box. They don't have to find the databases or take multiple steps; they only have to click the link and get started.  

By combining Select and BookChat, you're making it easy and accessible for any patron to get the readers' advisory help they need when and where they need it. Help your patrons pick what books to check out and quickly get to the best part, reading.  


Learn more about NoveList Select and BookChat and provide the most outstanding readers' advisory for your community.

Yaika Sabat is the Manager of Reader Services at NoveList.