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Using Story Elements

Story elements are how NoveList defines the aspects of a book that catch a reader's attention — the tone, whether it's focused on world-building or character, or if it's got a resonating theme. Story elements are a great way to talk to your readers to understand why they liked (or didn't like) a book and to search for more.

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Using NoveList Content

NoveList content is easy fodder for book displays, recommendations on social media, bookmarks, and quick readers' advisory conversations. We've got tips for using all the content you can find in NoveList, like:

  • Articles
  • Book Club Best Bets
  • Genre Guides
  • And many more
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NoveList Search Strategies

Use our search strategy handouts to tackle challenging reader questions and library scenarios. In each Search Strategy we present a common scenario that you face as a librarian, reader, or parent, and offer several ways to use NoveList to find the books you need.

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Field Code Strategies

Field Codes are two-letter codes that allow you to specify exactly which fields you want NoveList to search. These resources will help you use field codes to quickly create complex searches with ease.

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Build Your Skills: Webinar Archive

An archive of our most popular webinars, covering topics such as book displays, helping readers, readers' advisory for kids, and more. These are longer (about an hour each), but are a great resource for learning about helping readers.

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NoveList on YouTube

Learn more about how to use NoveList from our curated video playlists including: 

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