Looking for ways your staff can influence the visibility of your linked data? WP Version 3.2.0 is being rolled out to libraries in the Library.Link network as they upload new data and includes tools libraries can use to make use of their open data.

Resource navigator: Want to find a Library.Link page for a specific author, title, or appeal term? With the resource navigator and NoveList Select for Linked Data, you can! 

Embeddable widgets: We’ve talked about embeddable widgets before and they are only getting better. The resource navigator makes it easier to find the types of material you and your community partners will want to post on your websites and blogs. These widgets will take user directly to the library catalog and are now able to be posted on secure websites. If a local dog trainer wants to post information about dog trainer books at the library on their website, embeddable widgets can make that happen.

Social sharing: After you’ve used the resource navigator to find J.K. Rowling’s author page and embedded a widget of Harry Potter read-alikes on a blog post celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, social sharing will let you share that information on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Over time, library data shared on social media networks can establish the library as a credible source of data -- a big step to increasing library visibility on the web.

Click and impression data: The new Stats tool (currently in beta testing) will display the Google impressions and clicks of the data you share on social media and in embeddable widgets. This information will be one part of how we understand the impact linked data is having on libraries.

These new features will allow libraries to use their data and play an active role in transforming library data into one of the authoritative sources of book data on the web. Stay tuned for information on how to use each of these new features.

Want to know what version of linked data your library has? Check your domain dashboard. New features are being rolled out to libraries as their data is refreshed.