Using NoveList Content

NoveList has a lot of great articles and lists, for both readers and library staff. Here’s just some of the content that you can find in NoveList. 

Articles — Brush up on an unfamiliar genre or subgenre, get new ideas for your book displays, and find programming tips and ideas with our articles. Access from the Quick Links menu in the toolbar.

Book Club Best Bets — Check out these curated lists of books that our NoveList experts think would make great selections for your book club. Access from the left side of the homepage in the Recommended Reads Lists.

Explore Pages — Looking for everyday solutions on book club resources, books in the media, genre, diversity resources and more. Access from the Quick Links menu in the toolbar.

Genre Guides — These guides help you get to know a genre quickly and efficiently with a brief description, top themes, key titles, series, and authors, as well as how to help and market to readers. Access from the Quick Links menu in the toolbar. 

Page to Screen — Keep up with the books your patrons will be asking for with our lists of books that have recently been adapted for the big screen. These lists are also helpful for book displays. Access from the Quick Links menu in the toolbar.

Recommended Reads Lists — Easily find books on a popular genre or topic. Lists are a great starting point for readers who aren’t sure what they are looking for. Access from the left side of the homepage.

Searching articles and lists

Search for all available articles and lists by entering a keyword, like “mystery” in the search box. At your results, click the Lists & Articles tab to see all related NoveList content.

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Or search by a specific type of article from the Advanced Search page. Use the Document Type limiter to limit by type of article and list and click Search (you can even enter search terms if you want!).

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