Launching NoveList Select in Your Library

Help your readers discover their next favorite book in your catalog.

Before launch

Fine-tune your settings. Our support team will set up a brief teleconference with you to gather set-up information. Set-up is normally completed within ten days, often faster.

Set up local holdings. When you provide us with your local holdings data, we only display recommendations for titles that are already in your collection. Let us know during the set-up process that you'd like to do this. Real-time availability information is available for certain catalogs with On The Shelf. Ask us if OTS works with your catalog.

Name it something readers understand. If you have the ability to change the name of the section containing NoveList Select in your catalog (just ask your ILS vendor how!), we recommend not calling it NoveList Select. Instead, call it something readers will relate to, like "Read-alike Recommendations" or "Find More Books Like This One."

Make it visible! You might be able to leave the NoveList Select area open by default (instead of closed), move it to the top of the catalog record, or increase the size of windows that open. Make it as easy as possible for readers to discover this great new info. Just ask your ILS vendor how to change these settings.

Bookmark the link to NoveList Select for Catalog - User GuideRefer to it if you have questions later.

Stay up to date. Sign up for NoveList Newsletters to receive the latest product news.

At launch

Let your staff know about it. Your staff members are the most important advocates of your collections and resources, so make sure your staff are the first to know! There isn't much need to train them on NoveList Select (except maybe the Story Elements section mentioned below!). Simply explain that nearly everything from NoveList is now available right in the catalog record. Do a quick overview at your next staff meeting. 

Show staff how to mix and match book terms to find more read-alikes. The Story Elements section of NoveList Select lists all appeal, genre, and theme terms for a book. Click on one or two terms to find more books with those same terms!

Show staff how to search by reading level — right from a book record! NoveList Select not only has Lexile and Accelerated Reader information for a book, and you can search for more books with a similar reading level.

Announce it in your emails and newsletters. Below is a sample paragraph that you can use. Extra Tip: This would be easy to send out via LibraryAware!

Discover books with our new recommendation service. 

Looking for your next book? Want to find a new author that’s similar to a favorite? Can’t remember all the titles in a series? Look no further than our catalog! We recently added NoveList Select, a service that adds reading recommendations to the catalog. Just look for the area called "Read-alike Recommendations". Next time you’re in the library, ask a staff member to show you!

Any time

Share it during interactions with patrons. Encourage staff to use the public catalog when searching for books with patrons. Point out all the extra information that NoveList Select provides — and make sure to mention the Story Elements section!

Remind staff of the great features of NoveList Select. In addition to the ability to find read-alikes from the Story Elements section, be sure to remind staff members that NoveList Select features Lexile level information and the ability to search for more books by Lexile range, to help them find books by reading level right from your catalog.

Take the pulse of your patrons. Log into the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard to see what your library's patrons are viewing and clicking on. Our Reader Engagement section gives you a bird’s eye view of your data, as well as the ability to zoom in on individual features. Use our Reader Insights feature to see which titles, authors, and series were most commonly enhanced in Select last month. Don't have access to the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard yet? Contact our Support team at, and they will get you squared away!