What’s even better than a great book suggestion? A whole list of them, of course. And that’s why NoveList’s Recommended Reads lists are so popular with readers. 

Readers’ advisory pros (yes, actual people!) vet every book on every list. They know readers and librarians need practical solutions to all sorts of reading dilemmas. Here are just a few examples of Recommended Reads lists that turn “what to read” questions into “thank you, that’s perfect!” reading moments: 

  • For Fans Of lists (all ages) pay homage to what’s hot in streaming series, movies, celebrities, read-alikes for the latest swoony books with a million holds...even toys or games. Search NoveList with For Fans of AND ND Recommended Reads. Lists change, so check back regularly. 
  • Let’s not forget our manga, comics, and graphic novel fans (of all ages)! Search ND Recommended Reads AND GN Manga OR GN "Comics and graphic novels" 
  • Readers looking for books they may have missed will appreciate our annual faves so far (they drop mid-summer), which are replaced at the end of the year by Best of lists (for the whole year). Here’s a search that works year-round (all ages): ND Recommended Reads AND DE "Best of" OR DE Faves. Bonus tip: Readers who enjoy a “yearly” focus won’t want to miss the 2023 NoveList Reading Challenge
  • Everyone wants stories in which they can recognize themselves. All Kinds of Lives lists collect inclusive reads for all ages. Find them with this search in NoveList: ND Recommended Reads AND “Lives.” 
  • NoveList has also developed Recommended Reads lists based on themes that are popular with readers (think “haunted houses” in horror or “chosen family” in many genres). Search: ND Recommended Reads AND "Lists by theme." Learn more about NoveList themes resources
  • Genre stumpers — it’s hard to know every genre fully, and inevitably a reader comes along who needs help with your kryptonite (looking at you, romances). Recommended Reads is the OG genre solution. Just search ND Recommended Reads, add that tricky genre (example: ND Recommended Reads AND GN Romance) and you’ve got this. Start here for more in-depth genre content.  

Do you have favorite Recommended Reads Lists — or suggestions for new ones? 

Kimberly Burton is a Senior RA Librarian at NoveList. She is obsessed with the theme dark academia, and currently reading The Cloisters by Katy Hayes.