Connecting to readers through book clubs

Whether you're joining a new book club, starting a new book club, or a seasoned book club leader, we can help.

Find books for every club

Finding books for book clubs can be hard. Here are some places to start:

Get the word out

Attract a steady stream of new members by making sure people know about your book clubs. Your readers are eager to hear from you about book recommendations, book-related events, and other happenings at the library. LibraryAware customers can include information about book clubs in their NextReads newsletters or send out specific book club emails.

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Email is one of the most reliable ways to reach your community. Looking for ideas? We've got more tips for connecting with readers by email.

Email is only one way to let your community know about your book clubs. Use bright, eye-catching images on social, on your website, and on in-library digital displays to entice your readers into asking about all your book club options. You don't need to include all the details of an event in these images — put enough detail that your readers will click to learn more.

And don't forget handouts. Bookmarks, flyers, and brochures are all tried and true methods of letting people know all your book club options. Tuck bookmarks in books on hold, include brochures in your book club kits, and keep a stack of flyers next to self-check stations. Like an email, the printables can include information about when book clubs are happening, as well as suggest good titles and point readers to NoveList for book discussion guides.

Running your book club

You've got your books picked out, and you've gotten your readers excited, not what? NoveList has resources to help you run your first book club or reinvigorate an existing one. Search "book clubs" and choose "Lists & Articles" for tips from library workers and book experts like you.

Book clubs are also a great program to either move online to or to get started as online only. If you're looking for tips on how to get a book club going online, or how to move an existing one, check out our blog post on the topic

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Website, social, and digital display images don't need to have a lot of words to get the attention of your readers.

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