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Welcoming Your Community: How to Create Inclusive Library Promotions 
In this course, you’ll learn how to create promotions that will engage all community members. Get actionable tips for how to incorporate inclusivity in everything you create, from social media graphics to program descriptions, from images in your emails to the top tips for creating truly helpful alternative text. And hear from practicing library marketers, who will share their experiences breaking down silos to strategically and intentionally create promotions that welcome all community members. Full course description and purchasing options.

No More Neutral: How to Champion the Right to Read 
In this course, you’ll learn how to clarify your library’s policies, solidify your library’s positions, and clearly communicate your mission, vision, and values. Learn tactics to use to rally community and stakeholder support and how to handle communications should your library be the focus of a book challenge. Full course description and purchasing options.  

Collection Promotion Deep-Dive 
A library's collection is at the core of library work and is the foundation for all the other activities of the library. Inspire staff to engage the whole community in the entire collection and reach readers in the places where they are both looking for reading suggestions and places where they didn't even know the library could help them. Full course description and purchasing options.  

Conquering Social Media: A Strategy for Libraries 
Social media is one of the few places where libraries can reach new cardholders and target and engage current library users. But algorithms make success tricky for most libraries. Learn how to match your promotional goals and content with your available audiences, keep up with social media algorithms, handle negative comments, and use social media to form a lasting relationship with your community. Full course description and purchasing options.  

Library Storytelling: How to Find Memorable Library Stories to Use for Marketing and Promotions 
You know the power of storytelling. After all, you work in a building where you are surrounded by some of the best stories in the world. So why is it so hard for libraries to tell their own stories? It's because we often get stuck at the very first step in the process: finding the right stories to share with our community. The quest for library stories that have emotion and a compelling story arch perfect for library advocacy is more difficult than it sounds. But, in this session, you'll learn how a good story becomes good marketing, as well as practical tips to find stories that you can use for advocacy and promotion. Full course description and purchasing options.  

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“The workshops were wonderful and we had great feedback from staff. The training has helped us re-think our readers’ advisory services and generated an increased interest in and promotion of readers’ advisory at all levels.”

— Linda Stevens, Harris County Library

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