HeinOnline databases cover legal history and government documents including works from some of the greatest minds in legal history, the entire Congressional Record, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulations, an entire database dedicated to constitutions and much more.

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  • Five HeinOnline databases coming soon to EBSCOhost
  • Databases will be available separately or as a package for a more powerful user experience
  • Can easily be leveraged within the EBSCO Discovery Service experience to further integrate with other library holdings/resources

The following resources from HeinOnline will soon be available via the EBSCOhost platform for easy searching and effective discovery of the historical and government-related information that all of your researchers need.

Legal Classics   

Includes nearly 7,000 complete works from some of the greatest legal minds in history including Joseph Story, Jeremy Bentham, William Blackstone, William Holdsworth, Henry Maine, Federick William Maitland, Frederick Pollock, Benjamin E. Cardozo, and many more. In addition to many “classics” this collection also includes rare items that are found in only a handful of libraries around the world.

Federal Register

Updated daily, this resource provides comprehensive coverage (dating back to 1936) of The Federal Register, a legal newspaper published by the National Archives and Records Administration. Coverage includes Presidential documents, as well as rules, proposed rules, regulations, and notices from various government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Justice.

World Constitutions

This resource includes information on constitutional and political development of every country in the world. It includes the current constitution for every country in its original language format and an English translation, as well as substantial constitutional histories for countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many more.

US Congressional Documents   

This collection features the complete Congressional Record Bound version, as well as the daily version back to 1980. It also includes the three predecessor titles: Annals of Congress (1789-1824), Register of Debates (1824-1837) Congressional Globe (1833-1873), and Congressional Hearings (1927-2012), as well as other important congressional material including extensive collection of Congressional hearings (e.g., Benghazi, Supreme Court Nominations).

Code of Federal Regulations

This collection features the codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations published in the Federal Register and dates back to its inception (1938). Notable subjects include Food & Drugs, Energy, Banks & Banking, Domestic Security, Commerce & Foreign Trade, Securities & Exchanges, Employees’ Benefits, National Defense, Public Health, Transportation, and much more.

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