Artificial Intelligence (AI)

EBSCO is embracing the power of generative AI to improve the effectiveness of research and transform the library sector.

Our Guiding Principles for the Use of Generative AI


Providing credible research resources

Privacy and Data Protection

Safeguarding user privacy


Clearly labelling AI-driven technology


Promoting equitable access to information and resources

Information Literacy

Experts overseeing development and validating of all applications of AI

Publisher Integrity

Protecting the rights of publishers

End-user Value

Delivering incremental value to users

Female student in a library working on laptop with AI illustrations layered on top of the photo

EBSCO Defines Guiding Principles for Responsible Use of AI

AI is transforming the information landscape. EBSCO’s goal is to protect the rights of publishers, while improving the user’s ability to explore, evaluate, and engage with content. We created guiding principles that drive our approach to AI in a responsible, ethical and safe manner.

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Pursuing Generative AI Opportunities

EBSCO is taking advantage of its high quality, relevant content to set a new standard in information discovery and comprehension for students, faculty and researchers.

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