Our Culture

At EBSCO, we believe that it takes each one of us reflecting, listening, learning and acting to achieve the inclusive culture we strive for. Our culture is created by how we show up for each other and how we work together. It reflects who we are and enables us to be ourselves.

How We Show Up for Each Other

We are a customer-focused, results-oriented company with a culture characterized by open communication, fact-based decision-making and accountability.

  • Emotional intelligence — we are self-aware and have empathy for others
  • Drive — we do our best at everything we do, no matter how small the task
  • Positive attitude — we see the glass as half full
  • Eagerness to understand — we operate with a growth mindset and eagerly seek to learn and understand
  • Sound judgment  — we do our homework and draw logical conclusions

How We Work Together

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Trust & Respect

We assume the best of our employees and their intent to do the right thing.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We understand each individual is unique, and recognize and value our differences. Learn more.

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We win as a team, not as individuals.

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Open Communication

We share our thinking with each other.

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We are responsible for our choices and actions.

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Workplace Flexibility

We offer flexibility to support individual lifestyles, while balancing business needs, the health and safety of our employees and maintaining our culture. There are many benefits to our hybrid work model including: 

  • Allows greater flexibility for the majority of employees
  • Expands our reach to recruit and hire diverse, top talent — work locations are flexible
  • Reduces commute time for many, and increases opportunity to spend more time with family, friends and oneself
  • Reduces individual and company carbon footprint, resulting in a positive impact on the environment
  • Improves productivity — we have demonstrated individual and company productivity is as good or better when working remotely

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Together We Give Back

At EBSCO, giving back to our community is part of who we are. Our corporate citizenship mission is to empower growth and support the needs of people and communities through sustainability, leadership and educational opportunities.

EBSCO contributes to building better communities through both direct financial support and employee engagement. We partner with more than 30 local charities, schools and organizations with a focus on research, technology, education and the environment.

We know that volunteering and giving back are also important to our employees. We are proud to offer paid time off for all US-based employees to further support their volunteer efforts.

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Our Library Community Initiatives

EBSCO is dedicated to supporting the future of libraries, and we participate in the library community in several ways including: 

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Environmental Initiatives

EBSCO’s goal is to continue to grow as a company while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment. A number of key company-wide programs aid in our green efforts, and we encourage individual responsibility through ongoing company-sponsored promotion and education. These initiatives include:

  • The EBSCO Solar program
  • Adoption of solar energy panels on the company’s Ipswich campus
  • Sustainable building practices on our Birmingham campus
  • Extensive waste reduction and donation programs
  • Complimentary offering of the GreenFILE database
  • Support for SolarSPELL which helps schools in developing countries access educational resources via solar-powered WiFi
  • Committed to achieving carbon neutrality

EBSCO’s employee-led Green Team is focused on reducing the environmental impact of EBSCO as a company and increasing awareness of green initiatives and practices amongst employees as individuals.

Photo of solar garden installed by Athens Regional Library System, made possible by an EBSCO Solar grant.

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