Patient, provider and community perspectives are valuable, but often go unheard. PatientWisdom transforms the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved. Leveraging communication science to turn transactions into relationships is the most effective way to drive loyalty and value in everyday practice.

Humanizing the Experience and Delivery of Care by Listening

The Wisdomics® platform captures real-world perspectives via HIPAA compliant, mobile-responsive, digital solutions. These perspectives are distilled into meaningful, actionable insights to help clinicians and health organizations become more responsive and successful. This practical combination of digital and personal is the key to leading in the age of safety, consumerism, personalization and value-based care.

PatientWisdom, Inc. Solutions


Understanding a patient’s perspective optimizes care, but time constraints can make it difficult to effectively learn what truly matters to patients. PatientWisdom engages patients by making it safe and easy to share essential perspectives.

Patients, families and caregivers use PatientWisdom to share brief stories about themselves, their health and their care. We run analytics to distill information about what matters to patients and drive value by integrating actionable insights into everyday workflows. Intuitive high-level visualizations are coupled with the ability to access patient-level detail.

PatientWisdom's patient engagement software solution is mobile-responsive and offers seamless integration with EHR systems and patient portals. Ahead of clinical encounters, patients complete templated stories about what is important to them as people.

Busy providers report that it takes about 15 seconds to review the PatientWisdom inSIGHT summary before seeing a patient. They are getting information that helps them do better without taking longer.


Too many clinicians, staff and trainees feel like they are drowning, and traditional engagement surveys do not always offer a lifeline.

ProviderWisdom captures real-world insights about what matters to people on the frontline, distills the information, and produces actionable summaries to foster more vibrant engagement, alignment and teamwork. Leaders can address burnout and build a positive rapport by listening and responding to help the organization learn and improve.

ProviderWisdom is a mobile-responsive digital engagement solution that leverages the Wisdomics™ platform to focus on what matters to those who deliver care or support the people who do.

Clinicians, staff and trainees share perspectives about themselves, their work and their organization, as well as their ideas for solving problems. ProviderWisdom distills this information into meaningful, actionable insights to drive learning, improvement and value.


Health organizations can more effectively address community health if they more deeply understand what matters to community members.

CommunityWisdom is a digital community engagement solution that goes beyond traditional Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) and standard approaches to market intelligence.

This solution captures everyday perspectives about health issues, needs and resources at both the individual and community level. It combines an open-ended, qualitative approach with highly reliable content analysis to capture and report meaningful insights.


Burnout is not exclusive to practicing physicians. It is a very real concern for medical students as well. StudentWisdom captures honest insights about what matters to students, faculty and staff.

Information is refined into an actionable summary to foster engagement, alignment and teamwork. These insights allow leaders to address burnout and amplify a sense of connectedness by listening and responding to help meet student and faculty needs.

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