Easily Diagnose Infectious Diseases and Learn Their Treatments

Use GIDEON to diagnose, treat and track information on infectious diseases from around the globe.

  • Generate a country-specific diagnosis based on symptoms, signs, and laboratory data.
  • Display the epidemiological profile of a selected disease and list diseases that fit a set of epidemiological parameters.
  • Review country-specific notes and pre-travel information for travelers and medical practitioners
  • Review the pharmacology and compare usage of anti-infective drugs
  • Review the pharmacology and usage of vaccines

Identify and Track the Underlying Causes of Infectious Diseases

  • Identify over 1,600 taxa based on phenotypic characteristics
  • View a list of the typical positive and negative reactions for a specified organism
  • Compare the reactions of two or more species
  • Access comprehensive bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeasts lists as well as over 3,000 synonyms

eBooks by GIDEON

GIDEON eBooks are an encyclopedia of infectious diseases across all countries, worldwide. The entire series is continually updated and represent the only texts of their kind. They complement the excellent GIDEON online diagnostic tool and are a great addition to a library for those practicing infectious diseases, public health, global health, and even primary care.

There are over 400 eBooks available in PDF that together summarize the status of individual infectious diseases in every country of the world.