As business executives, entrepreneurs and leaders move through their busy lives, it can be difficult to access the news and market knowledge needed for success. Whether hopping on a plane for a business trip, taking a taxi across town or finding 5 free minutes between meetings, Flipster is the perfect digital companion to stay up to date on current topics.

When it comes to obtaining current news and market knowledge, it’s important to know that your information is coming from reliable sources. The noteworthy magazines available through Flipster are expert-backed sources that can be trusted while obtaining industry knowledge.

With 100s of magazines to choose from, your employees and executives can find titles that fit their field of work. Popular, must-have titles like Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes and TIME Magazine are just a few magazines that are only available digitally through Flipster.

Additionally, the Flipster Digital Newsstand offers business magazines on a wide variety of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) topics that are perfect to inspire change within your organization.

Read on to find a curated list designed for businesspeople in a variety of industries:

1. Stay informed with news about business and leadership

Magazines provide a unique way for businesspeople to stay plugged into reliable coverage of the world’s news and events. The following magazines are popular picks in libraries and can be viewed from any location:

Business News

  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Business Traveler
  • The Atlantic
  • The New Yorker
  • U.S. News & World Report: The Report
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Mother Jones
  • Time

International Markets & Affairs

  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Policy
  • World Affairs
  • Mekong Review
  • New Internationalist
  • Newsweek Global
  • The Week

Business Leadership & Development

  • NZ Business + Management
  • Career Mastered
  • Developing Leaders
  • Project Management Journal
  • Leader to Leader
  • TD: Talent Development
  • Training

Resources for Entrepreneurs

  • Black EOE Journal
  • Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurs Start Ups
  • Fast Company
  • Inc.

2. Inspire creativity with marketing and technology news

Magazines provide a source for creative inspiration, fresh perspectives and cutting-edge industry knowledge to keep readers at the forefront of their field. The magazines listed below are popular picks for the fields of Marketing, Creative and Technology.

Marketing & Creative

  • Marketing News
  • Adweek
  • iCreate
  • Practical Photoshop

Information Technology

  • Big Data Quarterly
  • MIT Technology Review
  • AppleMagazine
  • Choice Computer
  • Linux Format
  • TechLife News
  • Wired
  • Mac Life
  • Macworld
  • Maximum PC
  • PCWorld

3. Follow market trends with accounting and finance news

Stay current on market and field trends with top-of-the-line news from trustworthy sources. See the list of our top accounting and finance magazines.

Accounting & Finance

  • Accounting Today
  • The Banker
  • CPA Journal
  • Bloomberg Markets
  • The Bond Buyer
  • fDi Magazine
  • Financial Planning
  • Global Risk Regulator

4. Promote inclusivity with Business Diversity, Equity and Inclusion news

Keep Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a priority with magazines to keep your organization up to date on current topics and initiatives. Magazines are accessible to a wide range of readers and EBSCO is committed to high accessibility standards. The magazines listed below are noteworthy and popular picks for staying current on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion news.

Business Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)       

  • Career Mastered
  • Diversity Employers
  • Hispanic Network Magazine: A Latino Lifestyle, Business & Employment Magazine
  • Latino Leaders
  • Professional Woman’s Magazine
  • Advocate
  • DIVERSEability
  • SAY Magazine
  • Seema

Your organization can subscribe to any of the above magazines via Flipster®, the EBSCO digital magazine newsstand. Flipster is an award-winning digital magazine platform that delivers remote access to magazines from virtually any browser. Users can quickly download magazines using the enhanced Flipster iOS and Android apps.

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