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Choose from more than 1.5 million e-books, including 225,000+ DRM-free titles.

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Our team of librarians curate collections that meet your quality standards while saving you time.

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EBSCO is committed to working with libraries to offer the most user-friendly e-book experience possible.



E-Book Collections Designed with Your Library in Mind

Not all e-book models or collections are created equal and it’s important to pick an e-book solution that fits the needs of your library users and your budget. Consider acquiring popular curated EBSCO eBook collections or ask how your library can benefit from a custom collection developed to satisfy the unique research needs of your library users.

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Unlimited User DRM-Free E-Books

Users expect a flexible, easy-to-use e-book experience. With DRM-free e-books in your collection, users can access and download DRM-free and DRM-protected titles on a single platform.

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Enjoy interesting, easy-listening conversations with some of today’s top digital content creators for e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines.

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