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Save 50% on Print Conversions and E-Book Upgrades

As the landscape for scholarly book use changes, it’s important for libraries to support the demand for more books to be available in an electronic format. EBSCO is pleased to offer libraries the opportunity to convert any existing print book to electronic or upgrade any current EBSCO eBooks access models at a 50% discount until September 30, 2020.

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New E-Book Collections on Social Justice Topics

EBSCO librarians have recently created two new e-book collections featuring titles that explore issues of race in America through a variety of social justice-related topics. Click below to browse titles in EBSCOhost Collection Manager.
*Market and territory restrictions may apply.

See titles in the Antiracist Reading Collection or the Antiracist Reading for Youth Collection.


EBSCO Achieves First-Ever 100% Score in ASPIRE E-Book Accessibility Audit

For the first time ever, EBSCO achieved the maximum score for a platform or publisher in the ASPIRE e-book accessibility audit. This important audit provides an ongoing assessment of publisher & platform vendor website accessibility statements. Platforms are verified and ranked based on their score. Learn more about ASPIRE and how EBSCO is paving the way for e-book accessibility for all users.

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