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Choose from more than 2.4+ million e-books, including 450,000+ DRM-free titles.

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Our team of librarians curate collections that meet your quality standards while saving you time.

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EBSCO is committed to working with libraries to offer the most user-friendly e-book experience possible.


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Four New EBSCO eBooks Subscriptions That Change the Way Students Learn

In collaboration with Sage Publishing, EBSCO eBooks is proud to offer four new subscription collections that contain high-quality e-books for academic and nursing students. These are not your average collections of e-books and offer unique options for students looking for textbook alternatives, quick reads covering essential topics and unrestricted access to 60 essential nursing textbooks.

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10 Book Recommendations to Nurture Student and Employee Health and Wellness

Here are ten book recommendations from the EBSCO eBooks Collection Development team to help us slow down, de-stress, and reset.

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How to Manage Turnaways in EBSCO eBook Manager

Turnaways can be a useful metric to assess an “unmet need” of your library's e-book collection. Watch EBSCO Agile Product Owner Jeanne Sanviti-Masher review the Turnaway Workflows available in EBSCO eBook Manager.

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Top Ten Featured E-Book Collections for Libraries

Ever wonder what eBook collections other libraries like yours are purchasing? Check out this blog to find out.

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Finding Your Favorite Featured Collections blog image

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