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EBSCO is committed to working with libraries to offer the most user-friendly e-book experience possible.



Special Topics Collections from Doody's Medical Review Service

Each quarter Doody’s Medical Service curates a collection of e-books on timely, impactful, interdisciplinary health topics such as Climate Change, Health Equity, Healthcare Cost, Health Literacy, Stress, Rural Health, Telehealth and Vaccinations. Browse and order entire collections or acquire title-by-title using EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM.)

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EBSCO eBook Manager: Improved Management Options for EBSCO eBooks

Take your library's e-book collection to new heights with EBSCO eBook Manager. This powerful new suite of features is designed to help libraries efficiently manage their e-book collections and effectively respond to requests, as well as usage and demand.

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Stay Informed about EBSCO eBooks Collections and Product Enhancements: An EBSCO Webinar Series

Check out the EBSCO eBooks webinar series hosted by our experienced trainers, librarians, and product managers about topics of interest to the library industry.

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Reading EBSCO eBooks in the EBSCO Mobile App

Discover the quickest and easiest way to read EBSCO eBooks with the EBSCO Mobile App. As the library industry’s most accessible mobile app for library-circulated e-books, users have an effortless way to download and read EBSCO eBooks from any location with an Apple or Android device. The app enables users to download e-books and read them in the app without needing an Adobe ID or third-party software.

The companion guide walks users through each step of the login and e-book download process. View the guide.

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