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Elderly man wearing sunglasses and sitting outside in a wheelchair with a blanket over his lap and looking at a laptop computer and holding earbuds with 6 Accessibility Icons.

Keeping Up with Accessibility Standards for Digital Magazine Readers in Libraries

  Flipster, EBSCO’s digital magazine platform, continues to make great strides in accessibility with the goal of providing a superior digital magazine reading experience to all readers while retaining the magazine “feel” that readers know and love.

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Introducing the New Flipster Experience: Top Five Benefits of the New UI

Spark imagination and unlock pathways to creative, artistic and professional inspiration with the new Flipster interface from EBSCO.  

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Flipster Support & Training

Need help preparing for an upcoming training session for your administrators, library staff, students, or patrons about Flipster? Check out our variety of promotional materials, videos, and guides to help your library learn how Flipster works, and how best to spread the word to your patrons.

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