Mosaic, by GOBI Library Solutions

In partnership with libraries and publishers, GOBI Library Solutions is building Mosaic, a new ordering platform that will leverage modern technology to streamline workflows and make ordering library resources easy and intuitive for all.

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Mosaic Will Offer



Mosaic will offer the broadest choice of e-book and print book content and e-book acquisition models, including multi-vendor Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA), Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) and eCollections.



Mosaic will offer seamless integration with major Integrated Library Systems (ILS), helping libraries have control over their workflows and save time with linking and duplication control.


Modern Workflows

Mosaic’s modern, technology-driven workflows will support evolving customer needs by offering speed, efficiency, flexibility, and an intuitive UX.



With customized technical services, approval plans, and consultation with specialized Collection Development Managers, Mosaic will help libraries save time and build a customized workflow.


Innovation Partners

GOBI Library Solutions is working with more than 30 library, consortium and publisher partners on the development of Mosaic. Their feedback and partnership are integral in helping shape the design, features and user experience of Mosaic, and will ensure that we build a solution that meets the needs of all libraries.

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What Innovation Partners are Saying


University of St. Andrews | Acquisitions and E-Resources Manager | Aileen Cook

“Like all university libraries, St Andrews needs an efficient, intuitive, robust and up-to-date book-ordering platform. We’re delighted to be working with EBSCO, giving expert feedback to inform their development of a new platform that will work for our staff and, most importantly, improve our service to our users. As EBSCO customers of many years’ standing, we’re thrilled that they’re liaising with institutions to make sure we get something that works for us." 


Oxford University Press | Director, Global Institutional Resellers and Channel Strategy | Lisa Nachtigall

“With the accelerated shift in print-to-digital purchasing, and with more content being digitized and available through new business models, Oxford University Press welcomes the opportunity to ensure our online products are supported by a collection management service that anticipates and meets customer needs.”


Taylor & Francis | Vice President, Books, The Americas | Evelyn Elias

"We at Taylor & Francis are committed to delivering the best possible digital content and experiences for our customers, and we know that an efficient and user-friendly ordering platform is essential to achieving that goal. We are excited to work with EBSCO as an Innovation Partner in this initiative to build a new, cutting-edge ordering platform that will serve the needs of all librarians."

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