EBSCO eBook Collection Development experts have pulled together a terrific world tour for armchair travel amateurs and afficionados alike. The world is literally at your fingertips with these riveting reads!

The High Sierra: A Love Story by Kim Stanley Robinson
Published by Hachette

Award-winning sci-fi novelist Kim Stanley Robinson dramatically describes the majestic Sierras and the lasting impressions they’ve left on him. Memoir, travel guide, natural history – Robinson covers it all.

Mud, Rocks, Blazes: Letting Go on the Appalachian Trail by Heather Anderson
Published by Mountaineers Books

Mountaineer Heather Anderson (“Anish”) recounts her next great trek through the Appalachian Mountains after setting a record on the Pacific Crest Trail two years earlier.

In Pursuit of Jefferson: Traveling Through Europe with the Most Perplexing Founding Father by Derek Baxter
Published by Sourcebooks

Debut author Derek Baxter is guided by Thomas Jefferson’s 1788 book Hints to Americans Traveling in Europe. While physically following in Jefferson’s footsteps, Baxter describes his own personal journey in grappling with the 21st century perspectives on the slave owner who authored such pivotal documents on human freedom.

Every Day the River Changes: Four Weeks Down the Magdalena by Jordan Salama
Published by Catapult

Journalist Jordan Salama relates his nearly 1,000-mile voyage along the Magdalena River in Colombia. From high up in the Andes all the way to the Caribbean Sea, Salama writes about the flora, fauna, and everyday folks in an effort to portray the country’s complexity and beauty.

Artistic Places by Susie Hodge
Published by White Lion Publishing

Artist and art historian Susie Hodge presents 25 works of art and the breathtaking locations that inspired them.

Winter Pasture: One Woman’s Journey with China’s Kazakh Herders by Li Juan
Published by Astra House

Chinese journalist L Juani, who co-owns a small store that caters to Kazakh herders, joins one nomadic family over the winter of 2010. This is the award-winning author’s debut English work in America.

The White Mosque: A Memoir by Sofia Samatar
Published by Catapult

African and Arabic literature scholar and award-winning author Sofia Samatar – a descendant of Swiss-German Mennonites and Somali Muslims – travels to Uzbekistan to explore a piece of her complex religious and cultural heritage.

Polar Exposure: An All-Women’s Expedition to the North Pole by Felicity Aston
Published by Imagine

In 2018, British explorer Felicity Aston assembled and trained a team of 10 women from different countries to trek to the North Pole and learn more about the values and worldviews of women from different cultures. Their stories are recounted here.

The Kindness of Strangers by Tom Lutz
Published by University of Iowa Press

World traveler and professor Tom Lutz’s latest book takes the reader to several remote locations that aren’t likely to appear in many guidebooks. Briefly covering the setting, these essays focus primarily on the people he meets once he gets there.

A Place in the World: Finding the Meaning of Home by Frances Mayes
Published by Penguin Random House

The bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun reminisces on the meaning of “home” by recounting places she’s lived and visited that evoke the essential feeling.

Home Is the Road: Wandering the Land, Shaping the Spirit by Diane Glancy
Published by Broadleaf Books

For Native American writer Diane Glancy, home doesn’t have to be a specific place. As someone who has spent a lot of time traveling cross-country, “home” happens on the journey and in the space between destinations.

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