Recently we took some time to chat with Nan Champe, Library Director at Pewaukee Public Library (PPL), about LibraryAware. PPL is part of the Bridges Library System in southeastern Wisconsin, a state-funded system with 24 member libraries. Bridges subscribed to LibraryAware in 2020 as part of an effort to support its members that were seeking some new ways to promote materials and programs – and to bring people back to the library.   

In 2022, Nan and her team at PPL began experimenting with different methods to promote their programming. The experiments led to increased program attendance, thanks to their focused eblasts. You can read the full story here.  

Is your library just getting started with LibraryAware? Nan has some advice for you:  

  • Explore all of the features of LibraryAware. There are thousands of professionally designed and customizable templates to help create newsletters, flyers, social media posts, digital displays, and more. Nan recommends spending some time diving into the product and checking out all it has to offer. “LibraryAware gives every staff member the confidence to create professional promotional materials. It puts everyone on an equal plane, and the product is easy to use, which is always a time saver,” said Nan.  
  • Find out what works for YOUR community. Library promotion is not a one size fits all, so there might be some trial and error when you are first getting started. “Get a good sense of what YOUR patrons want and expect and make tweaks where necessary,” advises Nan.  
  • Sign up for product training. The LibraryAware Engagement team offers regular product training. It’s always a good idea to sign up for one and see what new features are available and even learn some new tips and tricks! 
  • Not a LibraryAware customer? Sign up for a demo! Request a demo here and take a tour with us through all that LibraryAware has to offer. And sign up for our monthly newsletter to see how libraries are putting LibraryAware to use in their promotions. 
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