When students are searching for information, recent isn’t always better. Sometimes a record of the past is exactly what’s needed, especially if they are looking for a historical view of certain subject areas.

Magazine archives uniquely fill this need, but not all magazine publishers can invest in preserving their past issues. Important magazine archives from their very first date of issue are available to help students in these five ways:

1. Business students can use magazine archives to research the evolution of economic trends, company growth and mergers throughout history.

2. Communications and marketing students can study various aspects of advertising over time, including representations of women and minorities, changes in graphic design layouts, the influence of popular culture and the rise of branding.

3. Art and Architecture students can use magazine archives to study the evolution of design trends in the fine arts, interior design, landscaping and architecture over time, as well as gauge the impact of influential artists and architects in specific eras and places.

4. Political Science students can use magazine archives to study world events from various perspectives – economic, geopolitical, social and demographic – and track responses to them over time.

5. Sports Science majors can use magazine archives to study the popularity of various amateur, college and professional sports through the years. In addition, they can track changing theories about exercise regimes, physiotherapy approaches, and diet and nutrition over time.

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