In most institutions, IT manages user credentials that enable SSO access to internal applications. These credentials aren't always extended to the library. However, when IT-managed SSO is utilized by the library, everybody wins. Since IT is already adding and keeping users current, allowing the library to utilize existing user data will prevent the duplication of efforts in re-creating and maintaining users within the library systems. In addition to this huge time saver for librarians, IT can maintain security and privacy by controlling which data elements are shared with the library. End users also benefit as this SSO connection method prevents library users from needing to remember and store additional usernames and passwords on top of their institutional credentials.

When IT-managed SSO is utilized by the library, everybody wins.

OpenAthens, a flexible access management solution, is designed to integrate with existing systems and directories. OpenAthens integrates with a wide range of systems.

Alongside the directory connection method, accounts can also be managed in OpenAthens, which enables librarians to easily create and manage accounts for walk-in users and guests without waiting on IT to add users. Whether library user data is being fed to OpenAthens via IT managed user directories or maintained directly within OpenAthens, library staff can control which users or user groups have access to specific resources and valuable information.

Read how Iowa State University Library collaborated with their IT department to conduct a security audit of library applications, resulting in OpenAthens adoption.

EBSCO works with all types of libraries to customize access solutions that fulfill the needs of the end user, library administrator and IT. OpenAthens can flexibly support large institutions with multiple campuses, hierarchal access and group-based authorizations.

Other benefits of OpenAthens include:

  • Cloud hosted solution for Federated and IP/Proxy access
  • Easy-to-use administrator interface
  • Granular usage statistics for informed resource and budget allocations
  • Group and role-based access management

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